February 4, 2010

To my blog spot about the “art of decoupage.” 

The word decoupage comes from the French decoupeur meaning “to cut and paste.”  Decoupage is the creative art of assembling, pasting and varnishing paper cutouts for decorating objects.  The Italians referred to it as arte povero, “poor man’s art”.  The French called it lacque panvre, “poor man’s lacquer.”  In England it was known as japanning because it emulated the work that came to Europe from Japan and China in the 18th century.  By 1730 decoupage was popular in the American colonies.  Prints were pasted onto furnitue, painted and lacquered.  Today, decoupage is having a revival throughout the world with active guilds in America, South Africa, Australia, England and Japan.

I have found the art of decoupage a wonderful medium for expressing my love of art, color, nature, and animals bringing them together in a form and function that expresses my sense of design and color.  The response to my work has been heartening and inspires me to continue to strive toward perfecting my craft.

Please see below samples of some of the items I have created and thank you for visiting!


                                                                       Wooden tray

Tissue Box Covers

              Wooden tray

  Glass plate Glass plate

 Paper maiche box


Wooden childen’s chairs


Wooden placque

If you are interested in ordering a decoupaged tray, tin, tissue box cover or whatever — please contact me at nplantie@netscape.net.  Custom orders are welcome.  If you love cats, that is my specialty!